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Alan Cushing

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Alan Cushing passed away unexpectedly in the Intensive Care Unit, Broomfield Hospital
on 30th April 2017, aged 86.
Loving husband to Pauline, a much loved dad and grandad.
Funeral Service at Chelmsford Crematorium on Tuesday 23rd May at 2.30 pm.
... Donations if desired for the East Anglian Children's Hospices may be sent to
T Pennack and Sons, Funeral Directors"


from John Conrad

I live in Crossville, Tennessee. I worked for Marconi Radar Systems Ltd. from 1973 to 1984 after which I moved to the United States. I was sorry to learn that Alan Cushing recently passed away.

I have fond memories of Alan Cushing who I worked for from about 1975 to about 1982 as a young engineer. He taught me a lot about getting things done outside the “system". It is a skill I have used throughout my subsequent career with Textron, a US Defense Contractor, and continue to use as a retiree, managing volunteers.

Alan was single-minded in running the “Cushing Cottage Industry” and overcoming obstacles on a daily basis. He was dedicated to maintaining/upgrading RAF radar systems along the east coast and RAF West Drayton. He would take on challenges and then figure out how meet those challenges using whatever resources he could “acquire.” I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Alan and my colleagues Roy Wellsteed, Brian Martin, Ivor Newman, Ken Coates and others I cannot remember. I moved on to work on the S713 Martello before leaving the company in 1984.

I consider Alan Cushing one of a few mentors in my life who really shaped my professional career and my approach to life. Taking responsibility for getting things done with or without cooperation from those around us.


from Roy Simons

Alan came to me as an apprentice in the late 40s and worked on the ACR for Jersey. He then moved on to the development of the display system for ROTOR, the Console Type 64. He was called up to the RAF and, with a certain amount of influence by Dr Eastwood, he was seconded back to the Company to work with Bruce Neale as a travelling pair of inspectors to ensure that stations were fully working before handover. He returned to the Display labs and, for the whole of his subsequent career, he maintained the detailed information on all the following UK air defence projects. He was the custodian of this information which was invaluable to the MOD and the RAF, as they did not provide such excellent continuity. He and his group will be missed by many.


Comments (2)

Nick Pinnock said

at 2:34 pm on May 19, 2017

John Conrad's tribute to AWFC is heartfelt and heartwarming. The "Ivan" Newman he mentions should be "Ivor"' btw.

Ian Gillis said

at 2:37 pm on May 19, 2017

Correction incorporated…

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