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New Military Radar Systems - 2D

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New Military Radar Systems - 2D

This covers radars produced by Marconi after 1950 including those taken over from AEI.


Type 80 (although not a Marconi design it did influence our development work so should be mentioned)


here and here




Type 82 Orange Yeoman

S band surveillance with height finding



Type 83 Yellow River

S and X band precision tracking


Type 84

L band, very long range surveillance, designed to use a 5 MW magnetron Type M565 produced by EEV at Waterhouse Lane.


Radar Turning Gears

A discussion on the John Curran turning gear from the Radar Type 80 and 84 and the Marconi Pivot Mount S3322



Type 85 Blue Yeoman

S band long range 3D - led to Type 40T2. A video showing the T85 rotating together with other radars at a Staxton Wold open day.






Type 91 Radar, Taif, Saudi Arabia.JPG

Type 86 Blue Anchor

X band tracker for Bloodhound (Ferranti?)

Editors note:Types 87, 88 and 89 listed as Marconi


Blue Joker

S band low cover on balloons


Green Satin

Doppler navigation system


Type S600 Series (Surveillance - Type 97, Heightfinder - Type 98)



S600 Series Radar Deployed (L-Band "Squintless Feed" antenna (TBC); Equipment Cabin; Operations Cabin and Heightfinder (Picture, R.A. Webb) (Deployed at RAF Cranfield and three other sites for Stansted Airport Traffic Survey - Third London Airport controversy!)


Type 711




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