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New Military Radar Systems - 2D

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New Military Radar Systems - 2D

This covers radars produced by Marconi after 1950 including those taken over from AEI.


Type 80 (although not a Marconi design it did influence our development work so should be mentioned)


here and here




Type 82 Orange Yeoman

S band surveillance with height finding



Type 83 Yellow River

Mobile 4GHz and 10GHz tracking and illuminating radar for Bloodhound Mk.1. Narrative by a REME technician 



Type 87 Scorpion

fixed-emplacement radar for Bloodhound Mk.ll



Type 84

L band, very long range surveillance, designed to use a 5 MW magnetron Type M565 produced by EEV at Waterhouse Lane.



This pic shows a T84 at Bishopscourt in Northern Ireland. The turntable is either being installed or changed because there is an auxiliary support frame that the upper part of the antenna is resting on. This equipment was originally installed at Bawdsey but moved late 1960s or early 1970s. It's probably post 1970 because the SSR antenna is on top of the antenna (original configuration was a hog trough type mounted below the primary hornstack.


Radar Turning Gears

A discussion on the John Curran turning gear from the Radar Type 80 and 84 and the Marconi Pivot Mount S3322



Type 85 Blue Yeoman

S band long range 3D - led to Type 40T2. A video showing the T85 rotating together with other radars at a Staxton Wold open day.






Type 91 Radar, Taif, Saudi Arabia.JPG

Type 86 Blue Anchor

X band tracker for Bloodhound (Ferranti?)

Editors note:Types 87, 88 and 89 listed as Marconi


Type 87 Scorpion

fixed-emplacement radar for Bloodhound Mk.ll


Blue Joker

S band low cover on balloons


Green Satin

Doppler navigation system


Type S600 Series (Surveillance - Type 97, Heightfinder - Type 98)



S600 Series Radar Deployed (L-Band "Squintless Feed" antenna (TBC); Equipment Cabin; Operations Cabin and Heightfinder (Picture, R.A. Webb) (Deployed at RAF Cranfield and three other sites for Stansted Airport Traffic Survey - Third London Airport controversy!)


Type 711




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