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Pat Cross

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From Malcolm M
We have heard that Pat Cross, who used to work in the Design Office, passed away last December 2019.

From Norman A
In later years I worked with Pat Cross when he was a checker with the Design Office, he would ensure our drawings conformed to the latest procedures - which were many. Whilst talking to Pat, he casually mentioned that in 1946 he was a Radio Operator aboard a Lancaster Bomber with the RAF (fortunately for him just missing the second World War). As a Radio Operator he said his Morse sending speed was over 30 words per minute - quite an achievement.
A few of us from the Drawing Office, including Pat and Bob Baxter, would meet at the Sir Evelyn Wood Public House on the first Thursday in the month.

Neil Bennett
More about Pat Cross, he did indeed serve in the post war RAF as a Lancaster Radio Operator after completing an Apprenticeship at Hoffman's. On demob he joined Marconi and worked at the various sites until retirement.
He moved from Galleywood to Maldon in the early 1960’s and lived there until his death in Dec. 2019 aged 89.
A keen sportsman, he played table tennis and participated in the many activities and groups in the company over the years.
His other passion was bell ringing and he was the Bell Captain at All Saints Church Maldon for 50 years only retiring quite recently. He also taught bell-ringing in the Essex area. He was also a keen gardener, a music lover and a devoted husband and father.


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