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John Crozier

Page history last edited by Ian Gillis 3 years, 7 months ago



The following tributes to the Marconi Radar works carpenter who died in April 2020 have been received:



Steve Bo…

John Crozier, as well as being a skilled carpenter, was a thoroughly nice guy. Carpentry was his life, for as well as his day job he was constructing a complete dining suite for his home.

The move from Writtle Road to Eastwood House robbed him of most of his workshop facilities yet he was still delighted to be asked to design and make pieces when the need arose.

He produced the pilot plinths for all the simulator projects I worked on as well as PPI plinths for some of them.

Later he designed and made the stands for the busts of Marconi that were in Eastwood House and Elettra House and also the stand for the sculpture 'Locked On'  presented at the opening of the Oman Fighter Control School.

Malcolm M
I thought that I would add a small note to say that I found John to be one of nature's pleasant and helpful people. He worked for me on a job in the JORN PCTA at Elettra House, building some plinths. He couldn't have been more accommodating to the whims and changes of design that we had to go through to get the right pressure and flow of cooling air from the gash old fans that we had liberated from someone else. He later on did a job for me on the Dengie HF Radar, building some temporary cable stands to take the excess lengths of cable to/from the antennae. He was a down to earth pragmatic person who took a pride in the work he did. I am sorry to hear that he has gone.


Bryn M

I echo all that Steve and Malcolm have said; John was another gentleman, always helpful and pleasant. Could do wonders with a piece of wood and helped a lot of engineers with their designs. Good man!


Colin D

I hope this photo of his work will add to the MRSL memories of John. As previously recounted, John was always so pleasant and helpful. This is a (possibly rare) record of his work.

The table was ‘liberated’ from Elettra House after the destruction of our Company by Lord Simpson et al. It was formerly on the top floor of that site and is believed to have supported the bust of Marconi - our founder.

Housed in my loft these many years, it was removed by our son Michael during the last days of ‘occupation’ for security. The top is covered by glass, which has aided the restoration.



Comments (3)

Ian Gillis said

at 5:07 pm on Aug 30, 2020

This comment has been sent to me by Pat Crozier:
" I am Pat Crozier, the wife of the Late John Crozier. I was very touched by the tributes that had been posted about John, which were sent to me. I don’t know the people who posted the articles but I would like to thank them for taking the trouble. A great husband who will sadly be missed. Regards Pat ".

Pat Crozier said

at 5:24 pm on Sep 13, 2020

We scattered Johns ashes today under an oak tree, his wishes and favourite wood. A very emotional day.

Ian Gillis said

at 9:23 pm on Sep 13, 2020

May he rest in peace, and we hope that your loss won't be too hard to bear…

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