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John Hibble

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Colin D

I have to report that John (Bernard) Hibble died on the 29th October 2020 at home near Roxwell, Chelmsford. His funeral was on 25th November at Chelmsford Crematorium.

After leaving Colchester County Technical School in 1953 he undertook a 5 year Craft Apprenticeship with Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Company. This culminated in his becoming an Engineering Draughtsman in 1958. John’s career was always with radar, principally on the installations side, commencing at Pottery Lane and completing at Elettra House in about 1998. His quiet but sincere dedication to the tasks and people, and his loyalty was widely appreciated.


Alan M

Very sorry to hear about John Hibble.

Though I do not believe I ever worked directly with him, he was part of the Marconi Radar establishment for most of my 42 years there and was always around.

John and his wife were regular attendees to the ATC "do" at the Horse and Groom at Christmas time and I always had an enjoyable chat with them there.



Don H

So sorry to hear of the passing of another of our warriors; a reminder of a certain inevitability. Whilst I never worked directly with him, I recall John as approachable, helpful and competent. I believe he was born in the Braintree area in July 1937, making him 83 this year. 


Tony D

Sorry to read of the passing of John Hibble. John and I were in the IDO at New Street and then on to Church Green. We were not in the same section but did interface with each other. John was a very likeable person and easy to get along with. Our wives got to know each at a nursery centre near Braintree where our girls attended. John was a keen motorcyclist while I knew him and he frowned upon youngsters riding large powerful machines. I last met John at an ATC Christmas meal in early 2000's when I visited the UK and he was still the John I remembered. We had quite a long talk about our lives since we last met.

Rest in peace John.


Robin W

I too was sorry to hear of the passing of John. Like me he came from Braintree and we often came across each other in the town. I also remember him when I was at Church Green. As Tony D mentioned, we last met at the ATC "do" when Tony and I were in the UK.

Rest peacefully John.


Nigel D

I first met John whilst I was still an apprentice and he was always incredibly patient with someone so wet behind the ears, gently explaining where I was going wrong with my engineering drawings and teaching me a great deal about ‘the Marconi way’! Latter we worked closely for several years implementing Ken Knight’s display systems. Of course his wife Valerie was also an MRSL employee. So I was lucky enough to work with both of them — with Valerie it was when she was responsible for preparing the digital video maps for the ASTRID display system.


Ian G

I remember Johnny Hibble as a friendly and expert draughtsman in the Installation Drawing Office at Church Green - he's mentioned in the Radar History description of Project Nassau and in Alan Butt's autobiography.



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