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Bob Holloway

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The contemporary image of Bob was taken just four weeks before he died. Apparently he was saying "I was never better!"


Robin B

I have today (18 Oct 2021) found out the sad passing away of Bob Holloway.


PS: A service to celebrate the life of Bob Holloway will be held on Wednesday 24th November at 1400hrs at St John the Baptist church in Danbury and afterwards at Chelmsford Golf Club.


Robin W

So sorry to hear that news. I worked and interacted with Bob on many occasions.


Neil B

Really sorry to hear that, Bob was a bubbly and cheery guy to be working with!

Sad times as we diminish in number.

RIP Bob you will be missed. 


Alan M

Very sorry to hear of Bob’s passing.

I worked with him on and off for many years on various sales bids and always found him excellent as a workmate and good company to be with.

I have also played squash and maybe cricket with him I think many years ago, though his skills were in a different league to mine !!



John L

I worked with Bob in Jordan in 1984, on the (successful!) bid for the Queen Alya Airport radar and displays. John Crispin and Andrew Cowdrey were there too, John leading the team. We worked hard to confirm the bid, including sitting up all night to re-draft the Contract! I remember John's insistence that we sat in the right place at the key meeting with the customer. As the System man there, he wanted to be sure I was sitting next to him, so he could hear my comments on any technical queries! Bob and I also had the opportunity for some relaxation, including a trip to Petra. I remember Bob reminding me that he was the one who introduced me to campari and soda! I think he felt he was leading me astray, but that wasn't the case, as I now enjoy campari and grapefruit! I remember asking Bob who were the people he was having side meetings with - his reply was 'don't ask questions!' Eventually I got the message! It was an enjoyable trip, which I remember with pleasure. I'm sure others have similar stories to share.

Frances rang me a couple of weeks ago. as she had been given my name by Pancreatic Cancer UK, as, like Joyce my late wife, that was the disease he was suffering from. We have had a couple of chats, and I had hoped to be able to visit Bob, but, sadly, that was not to be.

Rest in peace Bob!


Colin B

That’s really sad. I worked with Bob over many years and enjoyed a number of trips abroad with him which were always great fun. It makes you think - he was the same age as me.


Philip B

Sad news indeed; Bob was such a nice person with that endearing hint of a stutter and his big smile.

If do you manage to get in touch with Frances can you please pass on my condolences.

They were part of our social ‘gang’ back in the early 1970s.

After I joined the ‘opposition’, I worked with Bob on a number of co-operative (MRSL & Plessey) bids.

I last saw them socially c.1997. Frances always had Shelties, still one of my favourite breeds.

She may have forgotten me  - as you can see, it’s been awhile.


Steve B

Very sad news. I worked alongside Bob for many years and travelled with him to Oman and Jordan. In more recent times I would occasionally bump into him and Frances in town. 

Like Colin says, it does make you think, as I too  am the same age. 


Ian G

Very sad news.

There's a nice pic of Bob and Frances in the group photos which is how I remember Bob.



Peter B

Indeed this is sad news.

I never worked with Bob but it was hard not to be aware of his infectious personality.


Nigel C

So very sorry to here the sad news about Bob. It was he that introduced me to Marconi squash club he was always great fun to be with both at work and socially. Despite his size he was very nimble on the squash court, the coach we had would wax lyrical about his wrists. You couldn’t wish to meet a nicer person.


George R

Like everyone else, I too am really sorry to hear the news about Bob Holloway. We worked together on many projects and bids. He was literally a larger than life character, always ready with a smile and a joke.


Barry F

Very sorry to hear the sad news about Bob. I shared a double desk with him in D block for a long time until I joined Cossor. I then met up with him several times a competitor. Always cheerful and full of life. He will be missed. 


Brian C

So sorry to hear of Bob’s passing.

Like so many I agree he was great company and a charming gentleman. Designed for the sales team.

I did trip with him once to the Oman and we made sure we had our racquets!  We played at the Gulf Hotel Muscat. We fitted in a ATC sale I believe. Replaying many times at Chelmsford when we were so keen playing in the Essex league.

God bless you Bob


Adrian K

I was so sad to hear of Bob's passing. After moving from Field Services to Sales dept. I spent many years working with Bob and John Crispin on the various bids we had for projects with the department of CAA and the RJAF.


Cyril F

I knew Bob over a period of many years - such a pleasant and friendly man.


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