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Mike Healey

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Michael Allen Healey, mechanical engineer for Marconi Radar, sadly died on the 2nd May 2022.




Barry P

I first met Mike in the 1970s when I was working on the servos for the stabilised platform on the 967 surveillance radar. Mike’s team were based in F Block at Writtle Road. We borrowed a very heavy duty stabilised platform from MOD/RN and, via an ingenious mechanical adaptor (his design), we then installed the whole 967 assembly on top of it.  There were various wire ropes to ensure the whole lot did not fall over (or if it did it start to topple it could not go too far!).

The improvised rig worked very well and gave us a measure of stabilisation performance using simulated sinusoidal sea motion before sea trials. It was also good for demonstrations as it was easy to explain and see it all working.

There were very few Marconi Radar system designs in which Mike and his Mechanical Engineering team did not have some involvement, and their designs usually had to be capable of with standing severe environmental conditions of temperature, shock, vibration and wind loads. 

He was a very good manager, a great colleague and a brilliant mechanical engineer. Sadly, the last time I saw Mike was at Ted Overy’s funeral, about 3 years ago. 

My sincere condolences to his family.


Harry F

I agree with everything that Barry says about Mick's character and abilities. We electronic designers can usually hide our misdoings from the public scene, but if something like Martello falls over, it is a wee bit difficult to pretend nothing has happened!


Robin W

During my years as technical coordinator for the MRSL Farnborough Air Show exhibits (and occasional people-carrier driver from our hotel to the airfield) I met many coworkers from all departments in the company who attended the event in support roles.

I remember Mick Healey with fondness and his enthusiastic work ethics and expertise. We had many interesting discussions and he always answered my questions when I asked “how does that work”?

RIP Mick.


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