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Percy Williams

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Peter B

I’ve just received a call from Angela to tell me that her father, Percy died in his care home on Sunday, 20th November. The funeral will be for the immediate family only. Percy will be buried with his wife in the cemetery in Great Baddow. 

Percy was my Hardware Projects Manager at UKSL and was well respected by our staff and by the RAF and MoD, bringing in his projects to time and cost. A pleasure to work with.


Angela W

As per my message, just to confirm the "Wake" for Dad will be held at The Bell, Woodham Walter, CM9 6RF at 12.30pm on Friday 2nd December 2022.


John B

What sad tidings of Percy Williams; however, I was not altogether surprised. About two months ago, prior to my visiting Essex to see family members, I telephoned Percy's number, as we usually arrange to meet for lunch. Angela answered the 'phone, and said that her Father had just that day come out of hospital. I had a brief chat with Percy, but kept it short as he sounded very frail in his speech, and clearly very weak. He must have gone into the care home shortly afterwards.

I first met Percy when he was attached to our Military Systems Section (under John Gorton) at Church Green, to gain some experience outside of Installations. With his very pleasant and easy manner he was liked by everyone. It was twenty years later (me in the RAF) and now in the post responsible for coordinating the installation of IUKADGE - as Head of the SCA within MOD(PE) - that happily, our paths crossed once again.

As far as I was concerned, Percy was the face of UKSL, as he spoke on all installation matters of their equipment, and attended all of the bi-monthly SCA meetings. Percy and I also did some site visits together. One, I remember particularly, was to ASH in Kent, recently acquired from the CAA: this, a former ROTOR site - RAF Sandwich - had an R3 bunker, which would become the fourth SOC; I invited Percy to accompany me. Each armed with a torch, we groped our way around; however both of us were familiar with R3s and fortunately the flooring had been left in situ. It was a real time warp: none more so as when we came across 'the bill of fare' pencilled beside the Canteen Serving Hatch — 'Chocolate Eclairs 1d' !

For me, it was a delight to be associated with Percy over the seven years, and to see the individual sites handed over on time. Our friendship continued after I had left the RAF.

RIP Percy.


Malcolm M

Sad news that Percy has passed.  I didn’t have many dealings with Percy when he was in Field Services, I think I only went to his office once to be passed straight onto Eddy Holman. He had worked in the field and was on Christmas Island in 1957, later going to France, Germany, and Malta before a spell in Sweden. He was the Field Services Chief Inspector before taking up the post of Assistant Manager (Installation) under Eddy Holman. He went onto UKSL at Kemble House on the IUKADGE Project as the Installation Controller, and I went with him and George Robinson to RAF Buchan in May 1985.

RIP Percy.


Marcia (for John) L

John L's daughter here, I remember him well, he and dad and their wives were good friends. When we were children we were fascinated, since he had a 'proper' Welsh accent.


Norman D

Sad news about the death of Percy Williams. As a fellow Welshman his accent was like a warm blanket around you. I never worked with him, but he played a pivotal role in my career and personal life.

I was walking across the Writtle Road yard one Friday morning in mid-December when Percy was cycling past. He stopped and said “Can you come in for a chat at tea time?”. I duly wandered across to the Field Services office and found Percy holding what appeared to be several feet of Telex printout. It contained the results of a load of tests which had been carried out on the Genting Radar and Subang ATCC by the Australian ATC team who were responsible for training the Malaysian air traffic controllers.  I read it and came to the conclusion that there was a problem at the display end (The bit that I had installed!). Percy concurred and said that’s what we thought. We would like you to fly out to KL next Tuesday to sort it out. There was a slight problem as I was picking up the keys to my first house that lunchtime and after a bit of negotiation I flew out on the following Saturday. During discussion with Percy I agreed that a month should be adequate to sort the problem out.

On arrival in KL, I went straight to the ATCC. After running a few checks it became apparent that there was nothing wrong with the display equipment and the problem lay at the radar head. I reported the findings back to HO, looking forward to a tropical Christmas and New Year with Aussie and Malaysian friends, confident that there would soon be a team of radar head experts to sort out the radar. Back came the answer “While you are out there, sort out the radar head.”

Without going into nauseous detail, I ended up staying in Malaysia for 12 years returning with a wife and two children and a relationship with Malaysia that has continued with GMATS and TRAD. Needless to say, every time I saw Percy it has provided a rich vein of conversation.

He was a smashing guy. 

RIP Percy.


Tony D

I was saddened to read of Percy's passing. At the beginning of UKADGE I worked with Percy from Installation Planning along with Roy Lye from the Installation Drawing Office. We formed, under Percy, an Installation Design Team. We visited all the sites to look at the Installation tasks. This meant going under floors, lifting false floors to look for anything that might cause a problem for cable and air cooling duct routes for the displays. We were nicknamed the "Home Pride Boys" at one of the sites due to our white overalls.

Percy and I travelled many times to the MOD BUILDING contractor, PSA in Croydon, to get and pass on building information. We made frequent trips to UKSL House in London and one to the USA to discuss the Projector mounting. I left Marconi in 1985 and that, sadly, was the last time we met.

Percy and I had a good working relationship and it was my pleasure to work with him.

Rest In Peace, Percy.


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