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John Taylor

Page history last edited by Ian Gillis 8 months ago




from Ian G

I visited John's FB page to wish him a happy birthday but was shocked to find that he died of liver cancer on the 3rd March 2023. I worked with John on the JORN project in the late 1990s - he was a pleasant and friendly colleague in an often stressful business climate. I'm glad that he enjoyed retirement in The Big Brown Land and hope that he now rests in peace.


from Malcolm M

I first met John in February 1984 when we both attended a 4 day HMG Business Contracts Course up at Marconi College in Arbour Lane. Although I had seen him before in the Contracts Dept, this was my first work contact with him. I remember walking with him from Writtle Road Works up to the College and it only seems like yesterday. Ours was a passing acquaintance for the next seven years until we met in Australia at Winterton Road, Clayton, Melbourne, in August 1991, where our interface was more ongoing with the flow of information on JORN. I believe he worked for John Whittingham, the Contracts Manager. John was always a practical, down-to-earth person when it came to the job of ordering equipment, parts and materials, and he was good at his job. After my return to the UK in August 1995, I started to have email and video calls with him during the design of the RX Bunkers in 1996, and I last met him in June 1997 when I picked him up from Sydney Airport to go to the GMSPL Works at Parramatta for a week. This was to finalise the ordering of parts, and building the engineered interiors of the RX Bunkers with Ralph Bellamy the GMSPL JORN Production Manager and the Australian workforce. Following the end of JORN, I haven’t heard about him, other than his son joined the Australian Army.

RIP John.



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