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This section covers the various test sites set up by Marconi, some of the major turnkey projects and installations provided for both home and export customers, and some of the major exhibitions and events conducted to promote business.  


Test sites

Bedell's End




Stoughton Test Site


Major Projects

Vast and Rotor

Fur Hat and Tor


Linesman/Mediator 1 - 2 - 3 - 4


Neatishead Radar Museum with a personal visit and a site tour here. A discussion of the equipment layout of the Neatishead R12 building in response to a query can be found at this link. Also a useful video




      Cold war room consoles - housing Marconi displays - and totes                             Aerial view of site


This gives an idea of what Neatishead was created to do. Also its history and  here and the Wikipedia entry, although from other sources we believe the assertion in this regarding a Type 80 at Neatishead to be incorrect. As is known the various possibilities under the ROTOR plan (Stages 1,2 and 3) were under constant review, and the Type 80 was indeed shown against Neatishead at one time - as for many other RAF radar sites. The first production Type 80, installed at the CEW station, Trimingham and handed over in 1955, was located only a short distance from Neatishead. Thus the GCI had access to voice-told plots. Later on, Skendleby, now also with a Type 80, also served as a satellite GCI to Neatishead; for Exercise VIGILANT in 1957, its Master Head was the Type 7. RAF Langtoft - also a GCI - was another site scheduled to have a Type 80 but this didn't materialize either as a result of further reductions to the Type 80 programme.

It is a fact that Neatishead was never a 'good' radar site;  which was why as part of the later planning for IUKADGE, as a result of new surveys Trimingham was re-acquired, and was confirmed to be an excellent site for the deployment of a new radar.


Update November 2023 1. 2.

Despite above comment it was found that the Trimingham site was likely to suffer from coastal erosion so a new radar has been installed at Neatishead.








OTHR & JORN - Jindalee Operational Radar Network

Christmas Island


Major Projects in MCATP

NATO, NADGE and SCAT projects have readable articles in the publication "Marconi Companies and Their People" (MCATP) which can be found at the following links:



AUG  59    p11        
APR   60    p3    
MAR  61    p5    
MAY  62    p20
FEB  63     p34-p35
FEB   65    p1    
MAR  65    p1
JUN   68    p5


MAY  66    p2-7    
JUNE 66    p10-p15    
APR   67    p12-p14    
JULY  67    p20   


JAN   67    p10
NOV  67    p13
JAN   68    p15
JULY  69    p2-p4   



Exhibitions and Events

Farnborough 1978

Farnborough 1988

Farnborough 1990

Auckland Air Show 1964

IFATCA Conference 1981


Input from Steve Bousfield

As part of the ‘offset’ for its contracts in Oman, Radar built and equipped the Oman Aircraft Control College. I came across this invitation which we produced for a reception to celebrate the opening which was performed by HRH Prince Andrew.


The college is still going strong and this is its website



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