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Radar Division

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Formation of Radar Division

Development model of new 50cm radar – Type S232 – incorporating fully coherent MTI installed at London Airport

New type of fixed-coil radar display developed for the R.A.F released for general sale

Fully engineered S232 introduced winning many orders over the coming years

Improved 50cm radar - Type S264 - introduced

Microwave links for transmission of radar data to remote location


S264A high-powered  (500Kw) 50cm radar introduced


First S264A installation in New Zealand

Royal Swedish Air Board ordered the Fur Hat private venture military and civil control system incorporating a high-speed digital computer - TAC

Coherent parametric amplifier introduced
Dr. Tom Straker takes over as Manager

High brightness radar display introduced


Fur Hat systems delivered

Secondary radar –SECAR - introduced

Microelectronic computer – MYRIAD – the first of its type introduced

1965 John Sutherland takes over as Manager

HUCO consortium awarded NADGE contracts


Announcement of S600 series

FPPS contract signed

Research study for what became GWS25 - Seawolf


S600 Series shown at Farnborough

Development of 23cm ATC radar - S654 


Input by Ian Gillis from Harry Cole's paper - Radar Division 1945 - 65


Input by Ian Gillis from Harry Cole's paper - Radar Division - Late 60s


Input by Ian Gillis from Harry Cole's paper - Radar Division - The Seventies


Input by Ian Gillis from Harry Cole's paper - Support Division


Input by John Brown - Datamation and Radar Division 1959 - 65


The Marconi Co Jan1967  At this time Radar Division was included in Marconi Avionics as Ground Systems - see page 7 onwards and page 19 onwards


Staff lists





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