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MOGS Members

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Subscribed MOGS Members at February 2016


NB This is a snapshot in time of MOGS membership and will not be updated.


Albert, David
Awcock, Norman
Backus, Jim
Bailey, John
Bain, Peter
Bandy, Robin
Beckett, Donald
Bennett, Neil
Bentley, John
Bingley, Ben
Birch, Colin
Bousfield, Steve
Boyfield, Peter
Brand, John
Bridge, Dave
Brown, John
Bruce, Ian
Burgess, Brian
Butt, Alan
Butterworth, Jim
Byatt, Dennis
Clark, Brian
Clarke, Nigel
Clear, John
Coates, George
Cozens, Bill
Cross, Mike
Cunningham, Jez
Cutmore, Nigel
Daniells, Malcolm
Davies, Norman

Davies, Robert
De Neumann, Bernard

Desmond, Tony
Devine, Chris

Drake, Colin
Dryer, Mike
Duncan, George
Earney, Ken
Emberton, Andy
Emery, David
Field, Douglas
Field, Vivien
Forwood, Alan
France, Barry
Freshwater, Ian
Froggatt, Cyril
Gardiner, Chris
Gay, Chris
Gillis, Christine §
Gillis, Ian §
Greenwood, Dick
Hall, Tony
Halstead, Don
Hampshire, Bernie
Harding, Keith
Hartley-Smith, Alan
Hawkes, Owen
Hayes, Debby
Hibbett, Chris
Hogan, Jim
Hogg, Jack
Hough, Rod
Jessop, Neville
Johnston, Derek
Kime, Fred
Knight, Derek
Kyan, John

Lancaster, John
Lawrence, John

Lewis, Mike
Macdonald, John
Mack, Malcolm
MacKenzie, Mike
Maclean, George
Marrs, John
Marshall, Christine
Marshallsay, Roger
Martin, Mike
Mason, Jim
Matthews, Alan
Mears, Denis
Merriday, Geoff
Moon, David
Moore, Peter
Morgan, Bryn
Mountfort, Bob
Neale, Chris
Norman, John
Partridge, Brian
Patrick, Roger

Pearce, John
Peto, Derrick
Plant, Mike
Plumpton, Tony

Pollard, Bob
Ponting, Dave
Porter, Colin
Prior, Alan
Roberts, Mike
Robinson, George
Samways, David
Savill, Frank ‡
Simons, Roy


Smith, Graham
Smith, Ken
Spratt, Clive
Steeds, Mike
Stevens, Arthur
Stringer, Janet
Tarrant, John
Thomas, Doug
Turk, Alan
Turner, Les
Valentine, Gerry ‡
Vellacott, Tom
Waddell, Jim
Wander, Judith (Tim)
Ward, Don
Watson, June
Wayman, Jim
Webb, Robin
Wheeler, Geoff
Whitlock, Ian
Wilkinson, Ken
Woollard, Sam
Worby, Richard
Young, Arthur


§ = Yahoo Group Owners

‡ = Yahoo Group Moderators



Comments (6)

Ian Gillis said

at 5:30 pm on Feb 13, 2016

New list prepared from CSV export of MOGS member list.

jonxmarrs@gmail.com said

at 9:38 pm on Mar 5, 2016

From memory, and Rogues Gallery,' Desmond, Alan' really ought to be 'Desmond, Tony'.
J. Marrs

jonxmarrs@gmail.com said

at 9:43 pm on Mar 5, 2016

Also 'Mears, Denis' appears twice.

Ian Gillis said

at 11:39 am on Mar 6, 2016

Thank you, John. These lists were generated automatically by exporting a CSV file from the Yahoo Group member list, deleting unwanted fields and re-exporting as a text file. Some manual intervention was required where the Yahoo ID and/or email address were cryptic. Tony (was Alan) Desmond was a typo, there are two members called Denis Mears - I've asked him which to delete.

james parker said

at 4:52 pm on Jan 20, 2017

Dear Ian I'd like the opportunity to add my contribution to experiences with the company but seem to be
having problems accessing the necessary site. Advice please. Regards James Parker Field Services 12Aug 85 on

Ian Gillis said

at 5:36 pm on Jan 2, 2019

James - I've just stumbled on your comment; if you're ex-Marconi a good first step would be to join the MOGS group at https://groups.io/g/mogs

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