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IUKADGE Workstation

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Marconi Radar Systems Limited designed and supplied the workstations for the NATO-funded Improved United Kingdom Air Defence Ground Environment Programme drawing on its long experience of air defence user needs for efficient man-machine interfaces in this demanding real-time environment.



IUKADGE Universal Console from RAF Ash in the RAF Museum at Manston




                                               Rear view of console                                                                                          Locus 16 bin


No longer with Marconi, John Brown nevertheless had an important role in the IUKADGE project as a leading member of the RAF team.




With the CIDA and UPMIS teams at their base, at Cossor Electronics, The Pinnacles, Harlow.





    Wg Cdr John Brown   Gp Capt Roy Martin  Miss Pat Goddard     Air Cdre Peter Chislett

               Hd of SCA              Ops Policy           PA to Air Cdre      Director, Strategic Electronics

                                                                                                                                               Programmes (DSLP)

In the gardens at the rear of Turnstile House, High Holborn




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