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David Speake

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In 1954 David Speake was given direction of a new Vacuum Physics Section at the Baddow Laboratories by Dr. Eric Eastwood the newly appointed Chief of Research. In 1962 he succeeded Dr. Eastwood as Chief of Research when the latter became Director of Research for the English Electric Group. In the major Marconi Company reorganisation in 1965 he became Director of Research. In 1968 he became General Manager, Telecommunications at the Marconi Headquarters. In 1970, now Technical Director of the Marconi Group, he returned to Baddow to also act as Director of the Laboratories  In 1982 following another reorganisation he became Deputy Director of Research for GEC.


The Marconi Research Centre - Great Baddow, Essex

[Editors note: The paper is 63 pages long and is therefore a large file  - to ease download time this set of links is to each of four parts 1234.]

This very important paper written by David in 1985 is a detailed exposition of the research carried out within the Marconi Company, ranging from Marconi's own work in 1897 right through to the Marconi Research Centre within the GEC Laboratories.


It shows the extremely wide range of theoretical research and practical work carried out for "blue sky" investigations of potential development assets for the company, for the complete gamut of requirements presented by the divisions of the companies, many related to the science and technology of radar, and also for many external organisations during peace and war, and is a testimony to the remarkable capability, probably unique in British industry, which the Company possessed.


To quote Sir Eric Eastwood " Baddow was the Mecca of research".




Comment on Marconi Centenary

A meeting at Savoy Place to celebrate the Marconi Centenary was convened under the auspices of the IERE and the IERE on 25th April 1974.  It included papers by Sir Eric Eastwood, Gerald Isted (who had worked with Marconi himself) and J.A. Ratcliffe, of Cambridge University, who had made a theoretical  assesment of the probability that Marconi really did receive a signal in his first transatlantic experiment. The IEE Journal of 2nd May 1974 reports on the proceedings. There was also a conference organised by Rotary International at the University of Bologna on 14,15,16 October at which many important people were present - and some less important (I presented a paper entitled The Marconi Heritage and its implications for the future). The proceedings, mostly in Italian, were published as a hardback by the Marconi Foundation.





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