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Early Baddow Staff

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Comment by Roy Simons:

I recognise all the people in this picture bar one - I have put a name to most of them. 


However I cannot really identify the make-up of the group. It is possibly some of the people who were at Baddow at the beginning of WW2. This would explain the people from Patents that were evacuated from London Office, but there were many other people who joined Baddow during the war, especially Armstrong’s receiver group. None of them are visible, nor however are many others such as Eckersley, Tremellen, Millington, Kemp who were also there at the start.


It was presumably taken just after the war -  no camouflage,  plants in the beds, and evidenced by the presence of waistcoats with the suits. Also Plaistowe, Keall and Garrett were seconded away during the war.  It would not be as late as 1950 as several of those shown had gone away by then,


Early Baddow staff


Front Row:     L.H.Dawson,  (?)(P) , W.O.Agar, C.E. Parkinson, N. Lea, M. Morgan, (?),  O.E.Keall, W.S.Mortley.(L)

Second Row:  (?)(L),  A.Oliver,  (?),  Smith,  W.Warner(M),  (?),  J.Keating, (?), I.S.Forbes.

Third Row:.     Elder,(L), A.T.Witt,(P),  S.H.Golding, (?)(M), L.W.Whitaker, Porter, F.W.Garrett,

Back Row:      (?)(W), N.Knight, (?),  C.D.Colchester,  D.L.Plaistowe, R.A.Nightingale,  (?),  Snelling,(W),  Watts.(W)


W = Works, P = Patents, L = Lea’s section M = Maintenance




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