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Acoustic Detectors of Aircraft

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These pages were culled from a "round-robin" email - if anyone can supply details of the "what, when and where" for each picture, they would be of more interest.


Note (March 2022): Some of these photographs are included in the site Rare Historical Photos - Aircraft detection before radar, 1917-1940, together with additional textual detail. The site also features some photographs which are not included below.












(above from Alan Matthews)





Sound Mirror

A WW1 facility for detecting Zeppelins. For more details of the remains of sound mirrors, see the article and the photos by Joe Pettit-Smith.



Further references to Sound Mirrors are the following:

1) Echoes from the Sky: A Story of Acoustic Defence – September, 1999
by Richard Newton Scarth (Author)
ISBN-10: 1900101300
ISBN-13: 978-1900101301

2) http://www.andrewgrantham.co.uk/soundmirrors/






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