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Tentative list

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Although the early days up to MRSL being formed are clear, past this time uncertainty creeps in with regard to both name of organisation and title of incumbent, also dates in-post.


List compiled by DFH April 2011 - later individual edits

Version 05 - Oct 2012


In particular I am a little  uncertain of the timings of the many changes re Marconi Radar and Control Systems and GEC-Marconi Radar and Defence Systems, of which ‘Radar’ formed one part. It’s not critical, but it would be nice to get it right. However, the list of ‘Divisional Directors’ is reasonably accurate.




Neil Sutherland takes up post as MWT General Manager


Services Equipment Division (Manager Col. E N Elford OBE AMIEE, formerly MWT Assistant Sales Manager) formed as supplier of radio and radar equipment of British Services pattern, supported by Central Division for spares, mast design etc.


Radar Division formed


Dr T W Straker appointed Divisional Manager [Elford takes on special duties for Neil Sutherland; retires Jan 63]


Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company (MWT) becomes the Marconi Company on 19 August: MD Robert Telford


Marconi Radar Systems Limited (MRSL) formed: MD John (J W) Sutherland


Keith Chittenden appointed MD MRSL (had been General Manager, Frimley)

(JWS to Vice Chairman, Marconi Company: ret’d Apr 83)


David (D H) Chenery appointed Divisional Director (came from Racal)

(KC to Marketing Director, Marconi Company)


The Marconi Company becomes GEC-Marconi; MDs Arthur Walsh;  92-‘94 Roy Gardner


Martin Read appointed MD, GEC Marconi Radar and Control Systems (MRCS) group which includes Marconi Radar Systems Division, Divisional Director Brian Loader till Oct 92. (DHC to GEC Marconi Comms as MD; in ‘92 to Boulton and Paul) 


David (D A) Overton appointed Marconi Radar Systems Divisional Director

Autumn 93

Roger Mathias appointed Marconi Radar Systems Divisional Managing Director (came from Siemens Plessey)

Autumn 94

Peter Gershon appointed MD GEC-Marconi

May 95

Marconi Radar and Control Systems Limited dissolved

Aug 95

Marconi Radar Projects - the business through which overseas business was handed on to Marconi Radar Systems Limited.

GEC-Marconi Radar and Defence Overseas.


Alex Hannam appointed MD Marconi Radar Systems (RM to MRCS as Technical Director) (AH to Cobham plc, 2000)

Roger Mathias came back as MD for a while after Alex Hannam left - dates uncertain


GEC Marconi Radar and Defence Systems Limited (GMRDS) formed; MDs David Fletcher; Peter R Brown


GEC-Marconi Limited becomes Marconi Electronic Systems Limited (MESL) on 4 September


Alenia Marconi Systems formed


MESL becomes BAE SYSTEMS Electronics Limited on 23 February



Current locations of ex-Radar MDs as at March 2011

Roger Matthias

                IOW: Chairman Cowes Harbour Commission Board from May 2010; serves on Review Board for Non-Competitive Contracts

Deceased (as at March 2011):

Col Elford 1979

Tom Straker 2010

John Sutherland 2005

Alex Hannam 2010




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