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Writtle Road

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This page holds a collection of memorabilia specific to this location that featured importantly in Radar's long life.


Plan of site      Site photograph


This photo is borrowed from a booklet entitled Chelmsford in old picture postcards, compiled by Stan Jarvis, for many years Chelmsford's Chief Librarian and a great authority on local history.


"Any Chelmsfordian could be forgiven for not recognizing this view. The clues are the facade of the building and the rise in the road off to the right, where it has to cross the bridge over the railway. It is Writtle Road, running towards its junction with New London Road . As it is seen here it was the new factory built for Crompton's Arc Works. From 1878 the famous Colonel Crompton manufactured electric lighting plant and other electrical appliances and motors at his Anchor Street works. When they burned down in 1895 he had this new factory built and later went into partnership with Parkinson in the Crompton-Parkinson business which, down the years, gave employment to thousands."


Through the 1970s and 1980s it was the base for Marconi Radar Systems Limited - not always the most convenient site but, as John Sutherland remarked to Don Halstead shortly after MRSL moved in, "It's marvellous having a site where we can do just what we want"


There is no indication of copyright ownership, although the original postcard may be held by the Essex Records Office.




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