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Input from Steve Bousfield


Associated Electrical Industries (AEI) was formed following the merger of British Thomson Houston (BTH) and Metropolitan Vickers in 1928.  The AEI management failed in rationalising the two companies and they continued on their own paths, with their own managements and often in direct competition with one another. In 1960 AEI had had enough and it dropped both the BTH and Metrovick names to use AEI. This proved disastrous as AEI was an unknown whereas the other names were well known. Sales dropped and the company‚Äôs slide continued until GEC bought it outright in  1967. With the merger of GEC and English Electric, the radar interests of AEI were brought together with those of Marconi and the Airspace Control Division of Elliott Automation as a single entity.


Metropolitan Vickers  had supplied its Type T.1940 transmitters with air-cooled valves for the Chain Home Radar System. These were converted from the Type T.1583 which had water-cooled valves.  They continued in the radar business after the war. There is a book covering the early years.


AEI designed the Type 85 radar and its export derivative the 40T2.


They were also responsible for the Chilbolton 25m radar dish


The 40T2 was the main sensor for the SAGEU Project  (Saudi Air Defence System) and that came into the new business along with the Naval Weapon Control Radars produced by AEI.


Type 91 - Tiaf




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