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Dr J M Dodds

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This gentleman came into our Marconi radar orbit when Metropolitan Vickers became a member through the AEI merger, and, as he was one of the principal researchers in the design, development and manufacture of CH and later equipments, he is a significant person of interest. He features widely in Jim Browns book "Radar, How it all Began" and his story is central to that of radar in the UK. 


In "Technical History of the beginnings of RADAR" by Swords on page 222 mention is made of a paper written by Dr Dodds and his colleague John Ludlow "The CH radiolocation transmitters" published in the Journal of the Institute of Electrical Engineers, 1946, 93, Part IIIA, pp 1007-1015. This is a description of the T3026 which became the operational unit for the CH stations.


Radar personalities Front: W. Symes, H. Fawcett, A. C. Main, C. Crosbie, C. G. Baker, T. R. Porter. Behind: T. Robinson
A. K. Nuttall, J. M. Dodds, T. R. Monkhouse



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