This section mainly lists and describes the various types of radar equipment developed and produced by all the constituent companies that came within the Marconi organisation from the mid 1930’s to 1998. It covers sensors, display systems, automation systems (computer based) and other products for example PETA (Portable Electronic Traffic Analyser) and also the emergence of the market for space applications that eventually resulted in the formation by the company of a separate Space Division.


However it has inevitably grown to include references to systems originating elsewhere so has come to cover non-Marconi equipment where it is of interest including references to other general sources.


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Reference  Material

We have obtained copies of Marconi Catalogues for a number of years and intensive work by one of our editors has enabled full technical entries to be recorded for reference here


For the purposes of reference a complete list of all known British Ground Radars is given here. As a matter of interest out of the 250+ types listed 25% are attributed to Marconi, making it by far the largest single producer. Recent research shows that to a first order within the total period of trading the Company provided 145 Naval radars of 16 types, 123 fixed and mobile Air radars of 22 types and 155 Other types - Army fire control, OTH, weather and specialised measurement - together with an associated range of display and data handling systems, simulation systems and supporting civil and mechanical engineering facilities plus training services.    


A comprehensive list using the AMES type names


Another list


Yet another database


This seems to be an awesome work-in-progress


An interesting set of articles


For completeness this is a list of naval radars


This is a list of radar operational bands.


Colin Hinson of the RAF Henlow Signals Museum has produced a useful set of photographs of RAF radar heads, recently updated to include rare photos of CHL, GCI+gantry, Type 7, Type 13 and Type 15 plus a video taken at a Staxton Wold Open day showing various radars