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Marconi plc

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Marconi plc is a global communications and IT company, with 49,000 employees world-wide and sales in over 100 countries. It supplies advanced communications solutions and the key technologies and services for the Internet.

Marconi plc consists of the following business divisions: Communications, Services, Mobile, Systems and Capital.

Marconi Communications:
A leading global provider of high performance communications solutions for public and private networks, Marconi Communications has a long history of innovation and technological breakthroughs. It is one of the world's rapidly growing broadband communications companies, helping to enhance the Internet with greater capacity and speed.

Marconi Services:
Marconi Services is focused on creating the communications solutions, architectures and networks of the future, offering customers the best in class services and products to meet their network needs.

Its portfolio of services are marketed under a 'Plan, Build, Operate' banner. Its 'Plan' offer includes business and technical consultancy, network architecture and finance. 'Build' covers project management, civil works, network design, and integration. 'Operate' includes network support, network upgrade, network management and training.

Marconi Mobile:
Marconi plc believes that the market related to both mobility and security offers tremendous opportunities for growth and the Management of Marconi Mobile is gearing up to exploit these opportunities.

Marconi Mobile starts from a strong base of state-of-the-art technologies : ATM, Radio Relay Communications, Mobile Communications, Secure Networks and Satellite Communications. The business is organised into two main areas covering Radio Mobile (Analog Mobile Radio, Digital Mobile Radio, Cellular Telephony and Air Traffic Communications) and Defence (Telecommunications, Defence Systems and Satellite Communications).

Marconi Systems:
Marconi Systems is the IT division, employing more than 11,000 people worldwide and operating over 25 manufacturing and research facilities in eight countries.

The division consists of three businesses - Commerce Systems; Data Systems and Medical Systems - which apply advanced electronic and information technology solutions to customers in more than 100 countries including hospitals, major oil companies, food and beverage companies, pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers.

Marconi Capital:
Marconi Capital is a vehicle for the development of innovative high technology start-up and early stage investments to support Marconi's growth objectives for the future.



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