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Andrew Colchester

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Joined MWTCo as a Pre-University apprentice in 1962 with 3 months in the ATC and another 3 months in Blg 46 in transmitter development (Fox and ....?), then 6 months at Baddow with Doug Painter, Peter Patrick, Julian Kelsey.


Off to university with long vacs in the ferrite lab in Billericay with John Penney, Sonia Maxwell, and with English Electric at Nelson Research labs, Stafford working on MHD power generation.


Returned to Marconi to join Denis Byatt's Solid State Physics group, but with a year to go before that could be set up, went to Low Power Systems Lab working for Malcolm Cross and Ken Warren.


In 1974 I transferred to the Radar company to Fred Kime's area to join Peter Bain's group producing software for Jordan and Bridge. Then followed various other projects and reorganisations, till 1982 when I moved to New Parks as Market Development Manager in David Thomas's Simulation and Instrumentation Division. Kent Robinson took over the division following David's retirement.


In 1985 I returned to Chelmsford to Bill Duncan's Airspace Control Division as Sales Manager, CCIS.


In 1990 I transferred from Radar to Comms, to join Ian Coopers Mobile Comms division as Business Development Manager. Mobile phones were still analogue at that time and we were keen to get a slice of the forthcoming GSM business. But in 1992 the division folded and I was made redundant.


I went into contract work and for most of the 90's worked for DERA mainly in Farnborough and a short spell in Malvern. I then worked as an IT Programme Manager at the Department of Health for 2 years before moving to DEFRA from where I finally retired in 2007.





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