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Christmas Island

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Input from Ken Wilkinson
Marconi Radar created the ability to react very quickly to special needs for equipment, for example Christmas Island atomic test
People involved - taken from MOGS postings:

Eddie Holman, Ron Emery, Percy Williams, Henry Wilson, Johnny Thomson, Ron Moule, John Crabb. Norman Gibbons, Norman Paisley, Doug Clements, Don Ward, Roger Morton, Noel Doige and Jim Plaster

NB (3/10/2020): Malcolm Mack has compiled the following amended and more complete list from various sources which is now recorded in the FIELD SERVICES PERSONNEL Spreadsheet. This includes Gateshead (Scanners) personnel as well:

Eric William Douglas Holman (Site Engineer), George Angel, Maurice Frederick Burrage, Douglas Clements, David John Crabb, Charles Albert Dinse, Noel Doidge, Brian Duffelen, Ron Emery, Norman Gibbons. Roger Moreton, Ronald Albert Moule, Norman Sidney Pavey, Stanley John Pearce, Jim Plaster, John Thompson, Don Ward, Arthur Williams, Percy Williams and Henry Bernard Wilson (Harry).






MOGS Discussion re. the Christmas Island Surveillance Radar

from John Brown
I've followed with interest the discussion on the mystery radar installed on Christmas Island. I joined the Company a year or so after the tests, but I think Ian's supposition of 'a lash up*' is fairly close to the situation at the time.  This would be just prior to the emergence of the 3322 Pivot Mount which was then used on the S255/S247/S266 etc. As Peter (Moore) correctly says, it appears to be a John Curran turning gear (funded under the Radar Type 80 project). It was proven and readily available for the 'crash programme' that Grapple X called for.
I suggest that in Malcolm's excellent listing of the various radars and sites, he puts it down as a 'Hybrid'.


* A 45ft CosecĀ² L-Band antenna with back tube, similar to the later S255 but on a third-party turning gear and gantry.


from Peter Moore

It's difficult to tell from the photo, but it looks as if it could be L Band.  An S255 would normally include a Gateshead T3322 Turning Gear.  The Christmas Island T/G was a John Currans but the reflector and feed was likely to be the same, or at least very similar.  John Brown's suggestion of a Hybrid seems appropriate.



Comments (4)

Ian Gillis said

at 5:47 pm on Feb 10, 2016

Page checked

Don Ward said

at 12:08 am on Feb 11, 2016

Two more: Noel Doige and Jim Plaster

Don Ward said

at 4:09 pm on Feb 12, 2016

And one more: Brian Duffelen (don't know if that is the correct spelling)
There was another electrician, Charlie, but I can't recall his surname.
He was standing next to me when a descending ladder fell on my head necessitating stitches!

Ian Gillis said

at 9:29 am on Sep 23, 2017

ewansinclair@isa4031.co.uk writes: "My Grandfather was Charles Albert Dinse, I found his name on your Field Services 9 spreadsheet. Grandad worked on the installation at Christmas Island, but was at home in Edinburgh as news of the test broke. There is a comment posted by Don Ward mentioning a 'Charlie', just wondering if this could be the same person?"

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