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Marconi Publications - Radar

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Marconi Catalogues - Radar Extracts



Used as a sales tool and general reference material the Marconi catalogue sheets covered all products supplied by the Company. They were usually available as separate sheets or bound together as an annual catalogue.

Radar-related catalogue sheets for 1958 - 1969 have been extracted and are listed here and selected sheets from the 1975 - 1979 Radar catalogues are listed here.


"The Marconi Companies and Their People" - Radar Extracts



This was the main house journal for the Marconi companies printed between 1950 and 1970. On sale for the princely sum of sixpence, it covered both the achievements of The Marconi Companies and news of their employees, with a section for photographs of such events as retirements or people getting married.

Radar-related articles have been extracted and are listed here.

Additionally articles on the major projects associated with NATO, NADGE and SCAT can be found here.


Radar Newspapers - these can be accessed through this link




A collection of radar-related material has been found and scanned - it is miscellaneous in nature so will be held here pending a decision as to final disposition:


743-D long range 3D Radar 

743D Martello 3D radar

Radar Electronics Cabins Data Sheet E1

S600 Series Data Sheet A3

OPs Cabin Type S5014 Data Sheet H2

ATC Systems Astrid Displays

Over the Horizon Radar

Naval Weapon Control Systems

S763-LANZA D Band 3D Radar

MDS Force Management Trainer

S6020 Interrogator Responder

MITRE Command and Control

MACE Air Defence Systems

Lifetime support for radar systems

S700 Series Low Level Radar

Imagine where we can go together

MARDIS Air Defence Systems

MACE S1810 Defence Radars


There is also a collection of radar-related publications located on the Family wiki here






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