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"The Marconi Companies and Their People" - Radar Extracts

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The following table lists the radar-orientated extracts from the Marconi house journal and provides hyperlinks to those extracts. Note that the columns are sortable - click the heading.


Title Regarding Date
With Best Wishes IJG + RM wedding 1964/05

Key to Air Safety

A model for Radar Division
S600 model
Aerial Mountings
Building-Block Radar
Building the S600 Radar Reflector
Ground Radar in the Seventies
It's SECAR for Air Safety
Kuwait's new Airport S264 1966/07
Marconi's On Display Farnborough 1966/10
S654 Sold to Canada S654 1969/10
Signals from the Moon Apollo/S600 1969/02
Air Traffic Control Jersey Airport 1952/10
Crating Our Radar for South Africa S232 Jan Smuts? 1955/02
Diamond City Radar for LHR 1955/05
Laboratories aloft Radar Link trials 1955/02
New Company Chiefs Senior appointments 1954/05
Keeping a weather eye open Weather radar 1956/09
Remote Eye Radar Radar Links 1956/10
NATO delegates at Rivenhall Sales exercise 1953/07
Radar Development & Writtle Bldg. H. J. H. Wassall OBE 1953/07
Radar for Egyptian Navy New order 1954/09
Scanners aerial lift at Baddow Antenna erection 1955/04
Scanners at Rivenhall Radar Type 21 1953/06
Scanners Factory description 1953/03
Forming the Giant Cable
Radar Head cable
New Mobile Radar S600 demo at Bushey 1968/07
High Power Radar SR1000 1957/10
Building S232 at Scanners S232 1957/11
New aerials for high power radar SA.115 1958/01
Turning out cheeses for the dish Tropo dishes 1958/02
Scanners in the making S232 & "Stormwatcher" 1958/04
Convoys from Rivenhall Radar convoys 1958/05
Radar Division changes Organisation 1963/04
BVR = Bearing Velocity & Range Related to PETA & EVA 1963/05
Pivot Mount at Felling Works Radar Heads 1963/06
Col E N Elford retires Management 1965/01
Radar installation Mt Troodos Cyprus 1965/03
Myriad Computer Myriad 1965/06
Myriad Computer team Myriad team (pp 14 - 16) 1965/11
Meshed Handover Installation 1966/06






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