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Marconi Radar Catalogue Sheets 1973-1979

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The yearly Marconi catalogue consisted of individual product sheets bound together once a year. The table below lists the individual sheets produced between the years 1973 to 1979 for Radar products, together with Type Number, Equipment Series and data sheet date. Note that some sheets are "system" sheets and cover a number of individual equipments. Click the hyperlinks to see a PDF of the relevant sheets.



Type Series Title Year
300 Sea-Watch 300 Radar Beacons 1973
965 900 Metric Wavelength Naval Air Surveillance Radar 1973
800-839, 840-849, 850-8XX 800, 900 X-Band Weapon Radar systems 1973
System 800, 900 Naval Systems - 1975 1973
System   Naval Control Equipment - 1975


S1008 S1000 Static 10cm S-Band Single Parabolic Heightfinder Aerial 1973
S1010, S1015 S1000 10cm S-Band Surveillance Aerials - 1975 1973
S1011, S1012 S1000 10cm S-Band Static Surveillance Aerials - 1975 1973
S1011, S1012, S1013, S1014 S1000 10cm S-Band and 23cm L-Band back-to-back Surveillance Aerial - 1975 1973
S1013, S1014 S1000 23cm L-Band Static Surveillance Aerial - 1975 1973
S1016 S1000 23cm L-Band Surveillance Aerial 1973
S1017 S1000 5.5cm C-Band Heightfinder Aerial 1973
S1020 S1000 23cm L-Band Surveillance Aerial - 1975 1973
S1050, S1055, S1070 S1000 50cm Band Surveillance Aerial - 1975 1973
S1067 S1000 Transportable-Static Antenna (Martello) 1973
S259 S200 23cm L-Band Air Transportable Tactical Radars 1973
S2010 S2000 1MW 10cm S-Band Transmitter-Receiver - 1975 1973
S2011, S2021 S2000 23cm L-Band Transmitter-Receiver - 1975 1973
S2012 S2000 2¼MW 10cm S-Band Transmitter-Receiver - 1975 1973
S2013 S2000 1MW 5½cm C-Band Transmitter-Receiver - 1975 1973
S2020 S2000 500kW 50cm Band Transmitter-Receiver - 1975 1973
System S600 Marconi Air Defence Radar systems -1975 1973
S7100 S7000 Digital Signal Processor 1973
S7102 S7000 Video Combining unit 1973
S7200 S7000 Primary Radar Plot Extractor 1973
S7201 S7000 Automatic Height Extractor 1973
S7210 S7000 Line Buffer unit 1973
S810, S811, S815, S816 S800 Series Naval Surveillance Radars 1973
S9010, S9011, S9012 S9000 Radar Simulator Systems for Control Procedures Training - 1975 1973
ST801, ST802 ST800 Naval 3cm X-Band Search and Tracking Radar 1973
Armoured Fighting Vehicle systems - 1975 1973
S3004 S3000 Distance-from-threshold Indicator 1973
S3009 S3000 Analogue Display unit 1973
S3202 S3000 Fixed-coil Video Map Generator 1973
S5011, S5012, S5016   Electronics Cabins 1973
S6013   Heightfinder Servo Controller and Height Extractor 1973
DFTI, S3020 S3000 Special Display equipment - 1979 1979
S3015, S3017, S3018, S3027 S3000 Displays - 1979 1979
System   A Complete Capability 1974
System   Air Traffic Control Radar Systems 1974
S920 ATC S920 Simulation equipment - 1979 1979
Defence Radar Systems - 1979 1979



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